Business Valuations

Business Valuations

Our professionals at Zepeda, Cusano & Janvion, PLLC are highly accredited and board certified to perform business valuations. Our firm is often retained by opposing parties with differing valuations of a business or a business interest. We have been selected by courts to value business interests.

Zepeda, Cusano & Janvion, PLLC brings years of dedicated expertise, practical experience, and professional resources to accurately determine the value of the business or interest at issue. Zepeda, Cusano & Janvion, PLLC provides an independent analysis using an in-depth understanding of accepted valuation methodologies to produce supportable valuations. Each valuation is based on the facts and circumstances at the time of valuation. Zepeda, Cusano & Janvion, PLLC professionals provide experience and insight, recognizing and properly weighing the underlying components of value, taking into account all issues at hand. Our valuation reports are well documented and provide information about the company and the subject business interest, its financial condition, its earning capacity, and its performance against its peers in its industry. We will also analyze it’s asset value and market value.

Our Valuations follow the guidelines of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.

Valuing a business requires considerable judgment and expertise. An independent valuation expert brings the benefits of professional training, experience and third-party objectivity to the process. Our help in valuing damages is based upon realistic assumptions that properly reflect the current economic environment. We make sure the evidence supports the assumptions and findings.

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